Jarní Slevy

*Kromě Kolekce, Sada plakátů & Příslušenství, akce končí 9.4.

Zimní plakáty

Tato kolekce zimních motivů bude skvělým sezónním doplňkem u vás doma nebo i na chalupě. Pokud je zima vaším oblíbeným ročním obdobím, tuto kolekci budete milovat. Vytvořte si doma teplo a útulno, i když venku sníh, tma a mráz.


The winter season

The winter season is lovely and cold. Maybe you go out and skiing every winter, or maybe you are that kind of person that prefers to stay home with a nice hot soup, a lot of candles and a sweet hot chocolate. Maybe you live in a country that has snow every winter, or maybe you live in a country where you barely see the snow. Either way, this snowy collection of winter prints brings a lovely winter feeling wherever you are in the world. Be inspired by snowy photographs, beautiful landscape prints and winter quotes and illustrations.

Winter prints as gift cards

Did you know that we have launched a lot of winter prints in the size of 13x18cm? The main reason for this is the great idea to use these prints as Christmas cards or birthday cards during the winter season. You can either have it together with a winter gift, or you can send it in an envelope to your loved ones. Be inspired by our wide selection of prints in the size of 13x18cm.

Our season poster inspiration

Since Poster Store is located in Sweden, its natural surroundings are a big inspiration for us when exploring which seasonal posters we want to add to our range. As it is such a diverse country with so many beautiful lakes, mountains and forests, we are constantly reminded of how important nature and our seasons is for us and many of our customers. Through our choice of print paper and packaging we aim to save nature and positively contribute to the environment. Every time we walk outside we are reminded how important this is for us. We sell cheap seasonal posters and winter prints online whilst striving to protect the environment.


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